Fiatlux has a great technical and artistic expertise in building fountains with games of water and lights that like moving sculptures, enclose the magic of water and make it a true masterpiece of art.

Much more if we add songs to the water and lights dynamism creating the so-called dancing fountains, which are like real spectacular and aquatic choreographies, perfect for any special event.

The fountains are not only a decorative but artistic objects that enhance the spaces where we live.

There are an endless amount in materials, models and sizes.

Located in city squares, parks, gardens, villas and commercial centers our fountains redefine and enrich the surrounding environment.

We realize electrical panels for the automatic control management that allow you to obtain tailored spectacular effects or with the integration of PLC for the management of all of the commands, speed of pumps rotation included.

Accessori Fontana


When you need to choose static or dynamic nozzles, some important aspects must be taken into account:

  • Exposure
  • Height
  • Flow
  • Water level
  • Wind-proof
  • Noise
  • Ease of occlusion

Water Treatment

It refers to the system that keeps water in an excellent state of transparency thanks to a filtration system through an automatic filter and pump suitable for size and  volume of water’s fountain.

In addition to the maintenance we also install an automatic control system of the ph and rx (disinfectant); this system enters into the tub, automatically and with the necessary doses, the ph corrector and the disinfectant (chlorine, hypochlorite of chlorine, oxygen and ozone).

Lighting Systems

The fountains lighting system is divided into two categories

  • White Lighting (halogen  or led lamps of different  powers and dimensions according to the fountain type);
  • Illuminazione rgb (sistema a led cambia colori comandato da remoto, wirless wi-fi, domotica, ecc) sistema indicato per effetti scenografici multicolor tra giochi d’acqua e luce.

Controllo Remoto

It gives you the possibility to  turn-on  and turn-off the fountain, to activate  the temporal planning  of the  events, while you are  comfortably seated in your own home or office.

The advantages of a management remote control system concerns the saving  time without going physically to the plant, the reduction of plant downtime (over 60%), the automatic alert that starts from the device if a plant maintenance  is necessary; it also concerns the  online remote assistance, the ability to connect online from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet network.

Fiatlux expo venice !

  • We made a spectacular fountain in a mirror in the Vega exhibition space.
    Fornasini Stillante, Presidente Fiatlux

The Fiat lux engineering division is able to  create customized products both in design as in the form and in size too.

Thanks to continuous training and experience in the field, we can evaluate the best design solution, levels of automation required and eco sustainability.

We will always guarantee :

  • High Professional manner
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Design
  • Customization
  • Functionality
  • Exceptional endurance of the materials and equipment used
  • Excellent price/quality ratio

Do you think your fountains need to be restored?

If you believe that your fountains bears the marks left by time, both from a structural and aesthetic point of view, you can contact us being sure will be made a professional work.

  • Aesthetic Solution
  • Functional Solution
  • Plant Solution

The renovations and repairs in general, cannot be performed by unprofessional people, that’s why the experience and knowledge of our engineers allows us to implement actions that will last over time.

Our service is aimed at both private and public Fountains, in full compliance with the last regulations

We can offer drive solutions in order to provide you the best assistance requirements and support, routine and extraordinary maintenance. 

We supply spare parts and accessories for any type of fountain and a full range of specific products for water treatment.

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