Swimming Pools

Have you got a dream ?

Maybe it's just an idea and you are already thinking of a wonderful place where enjoy yourself with your family and your friends. 

Imagine you have got your own little piece of heaven, where you can relax and say goodbye to your daily stress.

Imagine your children’s face while plunging by the springboard and have fun with their friends. 

Whatever you are dreaming  Fiatlux can realize it for you! 

If you want the pool of your dreams, give us a call and we let you and your family  enjoy your  summer days  in the comfort of your own home.

We can offer you  a wide range of swimming pools, also with spectacular stones, different in features, sizes and shapes.

Our consultant, during the first visit to your home, will recommend the solution that best fits your needs and a team of qualified technicians will be soon at your home to build quickly.


Customize your pool !

Choose your Design

  • Borders and Floors
  • Coatings and Finishing
  • Softwalk
  • Stairs
  • Springboards
  • Slides
  • Showers
  • Waterfalls
  • Water Games

Water Management

  • Counter-corrent
  • Whirlpool
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Dehumidification
  • Heating
  • Water Treatment
  • Ozone Treatment

Lighting System

The most traditional lighting system provides for headlights integrated into the tub’s walls.

The use of LED lamps lighting provides longer life and lower consumption compared to incandescent lamps.

Also colored led lamps have found application in swimming pool. 

Thanks to their many possible color variations, which create pleasant water-games of colors and light effects, the colored lamps  are employed both in pools  and in color therapy, in order to achieve greater well-being.


In summertime as well as in the winter, you must protect your swimming pool with a pool cover. It is an essential accessory that will greatly help you to save time and money for its maintenance operations.

In summertime, the pool cover  reduces the thermal dispersion and protects the pool against weather conditions; in wintertime it protects the tub from bad-weather and from UV rays, besides  keeping the water in optimal conditions.

Copertura a tapparella

  • Rolling shutter with above-ground roller
  • Rolling shutter with above-ground roller and cover-roller
  • Rolling shutter with motor inside the plunged axis
  • Rolling shutter with motor outside the wall pool.

Isotherm Cover

The isotherm cover is comfortable during the season in which the swimming pool is mostly used, as it is light and durable. Thanks to manual telescopic wrapping drop cloth, the cover is quickly wrapped or repositioned; it protects the tank and holds back the accumulated heat of the water. It also responds to the real need to reduce costs allowing a significant energy saving, if the heating system is included, and considerably decreasing use of the maintenance products. 

Winter grill Cover

Lightweight, reinforced cloth, weatherproof and from UV rays resistant. It prevents the proliferation of algae and microorganisms and grime sediment in the tank.


Home Automation

The swimming pool as part of your home, can likewise be controlled and managed automatically by remote control, thanks to the home automation principles. 

Home automation applied to the pool allows you to program and control the plants operation and accessories not only  through a console, but also by remote control through your tablet, smart phone or home computer

Here there are some features you can manage: 

  • check on the state of the water and correct the values if necessary
  • control and activation of the filtering system
  • control and regulation of the water temperature
  • activation and programming the opening and closing of the cover
  • programming ignitions, intensity and off lighting
scheduling power of waterfalls, fountains, whirlpools.


To better enjoy the your pool it must have a safe and secure place .

Our security systems offer different solutions:

They can be traditional mechanical safety systems, as the safety fence configurable according to the shape and size of the pool, with a gate that can be dismantled at the end of the season and easy to storage thanks to the limited space.

A more sophisticated systems for perimetric alarm, based on a technological solution wireless without wires.


Whatever solution you choose and even if your pool is equipped with the best security systems, please don’t forget this is not a substitute for a careful supervision of children that requires the constant presence of an adult.


Never start from a form to fit the rest.

The form must be adapted to the available space, taking up lines and horizons present in a garden, without forgetting to dedicate more space to sun, play areas and relax.

Some examples:


The Fiat lux engineering division is able to  create customized products both in design as in the form and in size too.

Thanks to continuous training and experience in the field, we can evaluate the best design solution, levels of automation required and eco sustainability.

We will always guarantee :

  • High Professional manner
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Design
  • Customization
  • Functionality
  • Exceptional endurance of the materials and equipment used
  • Excellent price/quality ratio

Do you think your swimming pool need to be restored?

If you believe that your pool bears the marks left by time, both from a structural and aesthetic point of view, you can contact us being sure will be made a professional work.

  • Aesthetic Solution
  • Functional Solution
  • Plant Solution

The renovations and repairs in general, cannot be performed by unprofessional people, that’s why the experience and knowledge of our engineers allows us to implement actions that will last over time.

Our service is aimed at both private and public Fountains, in full compliance with the last regulations.

We can offer drive solutions in order to provide you the best assistance requirements and support, routine and extraordinary maintenance.

With the opening of the swimming-pool in the good season, we assist customers removing the winter cover and testing the smooth functioning of cleaners and control units; we also assist customer in restarting procedures and commissioning of the pool and filter system during the entire season; in the pre - filter and tank cleaning ; in supplying and dosage of chemical products testing the water parameters.

We provide all types of spare parts and accessories for pools and we also offer a full range of products for water treatment.

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