Lighting Systems

Lighting system plays a very important role from a suggestive and scenic point of view: it helps to reveal important elements of a project, giving life to the architecture of a building creating emotions;  that is why we have designed and created our line of lights and projectors for a great management of our “Project Light”. ( see our brochure )

A well conceived and well developed project can greatly contribute to the way people enjoy the buildings.

The lighting knowledge is necessary but not sufficient to make an artificial lighting project, as a lighting design is based on interdisciplinary knowledge, such as physiology and psychology of vision, light perception of the human eye, lighting ergonomics, visual comfort and careful selection of the light ( the emotions come to life);

Architecture and Design

Choice of light suitable for indoor and outdoor, buildings, monuments, squares, streets, gardens, museums:

  • Effect lighting for parks and gardens, trees in general, facades, houses, industrial warehouse Projectors Garden led metal halide.
  • Lighting system for house steps, parks, avenues and squares (projectors or garden and monigarden and stalk) LED and metal halide.
  • Indoor Lighting system for offices, arcades, indoor housing and home furnishing in general.
  • Outdoor lighting system for small flower beds or flower beds facades (mod picket or similar swiveling) "face garden"
  • Lighting system for lakes, pools and fountains (models garden water and mini garden water)