Irrigation Systems

Calculations and sizing of pipes according to the surface, the distance and the type of sprinklers that will be used for the type of irrigation to be carried out in the area. 

Accessori Irrigazione


We can provide a design study for the irrigation of parks and gardens; the choice of the sprinklers is made not only according to the type but also the amount and distance of plants, flower beds and lawns that we must irrigate:

  • Spray heads, suitable for flower beds or green small areas with little pressure.
  • Rotors for gardens in large scale or parks.
  • Drop irrigation: type of irrigation suitable for flower beds, flower boxes or small areas which need little water.


Sizing, choice of the pressure and flow rate must be appropriate to let the plant run ensuring maximum performance without waste of water and energy.

Control Units

They are a command and control system in various models and different technologies (electronics, from 1 to 12 zones or control units with remote control system by home automation, from  1 to different areas, depending on the construction site needs).

Control Panel

Control systems and pumps control panel necessary to the plant operation with water supply (pump control shaft, system protection, safety probes pump);

Command system and pump tank control panel with load and relative control systems and safety pump; systems drafts from lakes, rivers etc ..

Obviously each plant should be studied and designed according to the needs and requirements of both the construction site and the customer.